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Kia dashboard


Discover the latest in both car technology & in car technology

Technology, just like our cars, is always moving forward. So with both top car technology and in-car technology, we’ll make your journey as pleasant as possible, now and in the future.

Soundwaves showing the locations of eight internal speakers

360 Camera Monitoring system

Cameras on the outside of the car give you a view of the space around the car whilst parking.

Check surroundings for safety - Using cameras to reverse into a tight parking spot

Smart Park Assist System (SPAS)

This in car technology not only finds a parking space for you, it even steers you into it, all you need to do is adjust speed, brake and change gears when advised.

Car reversing into a tight parking spot

Start/Stop button and Smart Entry System

The nifty smart key is recognised by the car when walking up to it. Then just start your engine with one touch of the start/stop button.

Kia Connected Services featuring TomTom

Our new navigation system with Kia Connected Services featuring TomTom Live services takes reliable route guidance to the next level of accuracy and excellence. At the heart is a WiFi unit that enables the navigation system to connect to the internet through a smartphone. A new map update programme for your Kia is available at a cost.

Kia Sat-nav

Future Technologies

Kia revealed current development and future plans for advanced driving technologies with the launch of ‘DRIVE WiSE’ at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2016.

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Details shown on this page are not intended to be a description of a vehicle but are simply an overview. For full descriptions of the current Kia model range please speak to your Kia dealer. Images shown are for illustration purposes only and not to UK specification. Features shown are not necessarily standard across the range.